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Monday, November 08, 2010


Dressing or Stuffing?

Whether it's dressing or stuffing in your home-we all have our favorites. what's yours?

I love stuffing - in fact, that's the whole point for me for a Thanksgiving turkey - lol! I went to a fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving once and was so disappointed when I was served about a tablespoon of stuffing - that was it!

I like dressing or stuffing but the stuff from the bird is the most moist - and my family called it dressing no matter where it came from. :)
years ago, we always stuffed the bird Kathy-but then we all read the reports on food poisoning and from that point on-on the side became the norm.

most of us love my mom's dressing-but for some reason, my kids have never liked it.
thanks and welcome
We usually stuffed the bird and had extra on the side but I'm talking about the 1970s - lol! Hubby and I usually make something completely different these days - salmon or whatever sounds good. Or go out.
I'd go for salmon-but w/ a minimum of 17 now at the table-turkey it is
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