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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


It's a Trifecta on the New Year!

Even though I've been having fun with my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons, it seems my articles have wound up being published in my absence!

These two are a short and long version of a local man who has started teaching vegetarian cooking at the community center and a new website with podcasts to show us all how delicious these healthy dishes can be:

Here is also the longer version that just came out in the Senior Reporter: (this one is on page 28)

And, if you're a petlover the way I am, you will probably enjoy this story about "The Dog Wizard"

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and I'll be back on Friday with a bit of a travelogue.

Cute story on the dog wizard. Did you take the pictures too? Our in-law's cockapoo is always in his crate on a time-out. So far it hasn't changed his behavior one iota. He needs the dog wizard.
well, if what my friend's experience and the gentleman's persistence is any clue-he's good.

happy new year!
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