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Friday, January 21, 2011


Just Pondering Stuff This Week

Have you ever wondered?

Why when someone is having the worst possible day, one more thing happens? Such as in the washer breaks and then the car falls apart?

What is in someone’s mind when after they’ve made someone angry, they just have to add one more thing to the offensive remark to make whomever even angrier? Such as they insult someone’s taste in clothes and then ask to borrow an item in their wardrobe.

When a child sees that they’ve made steam come out of their parents’ ears and nostrils, they will still push one more button? No matter how old they are?

Who started the whole process of making sure a particularly difficult family member is still included in an invitation-even though it’s been agreed on by all that we’d all be happier without them in attendance? Especially the crabapple themselves, since nothing and no one person ever brings a smile to their sourpuss?

Why a big corporation feels that no matter what, they have more of a right to maintaining their budget than individuals who may just be working hard to not sink in the course of recent financial events?

Where the world will be in 5 years? 10?

Will those of us in our 50’s and older ever get to retire?

How will our grandchildren ever afford a place of their own to live in?

Just thought I’d keep it short this week and give some suggestions to ponder. Not that most of us haven’t thought of any of the above, but looking to hear from others out there!

Guess it helps to have some optimism, regardless of today's events. I still plan to retire in the next couple years (partly because my wife is not interested in retiring herself).

On home prices, I discovered the vacant neighbor's home finally had a buyer. Their house is identical to our's and was originally priced at what our's is assessed at now. Then I found out why it sold. They had dropped the price over 25 percent, to just over what we paid for our house 20 years ago! So affordability is coming.

Big corporations will soon find themselves drawing from a shrinking pool of applicants as boomers retire. They will have to become more sensitive to be competitive and survive.

So basically, what comes around goes around.
oh I hope so, maybe. on the plus side Dave-Just signed a new contract w/ Freedom Comm! Seems I'll be working quite a bit for them.

and still time for the regional magazines too!
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