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Friday, March 18, 2011


Merrily We Roll Along

I’m getting the chance to see something that I’ve only dreamt of being able to someday have one of my own of-an antique car.

This is one of the perks of being a free-lancer for a couple of newspapers dedicated to folks over 55. They lead such active lives these days-and it’s so inspiring!

This week, I’ve interviewed some women who, even though they retired from “active” duty, decided that needed to start giving back to their religious community. They focused on becoming supporters/advisors/coaches for women over 40 who found themselves desperately needing to either re-enter or enter the job market. Not an easy task for this economy-but they are thrilled to be of use to these women and love the positive outcome for over 80% of them.

Quite an average, no?

I also interviewed a woman who after swearing she didn’t want to be a “boss” any longer in the medical sales field-she became the director of a school which dedicates itself to those in the autism spectrum during their high school years.

To fill in my time-I also spent an inordinate amount of time wading through a 50 minute chat with a doctor who regaled the outcome of a small research effort he’s making on behalf of a new over the counter herbal cholesterol vitamin. Please, remember that its articles like these that allow me to continue with the treasured features in my life-before you judge me too sharply.

I guess I’ll share with you that I’m also going to endure a customer story for the same firm about a vitamin that helps the prostate. This should be a fun topic for me to tackle.

Back to my “dream”-I love old cars. I really do! That’s why, no matter how much teasing I receive about my love for the 8 year old PT Cruiser in the garage, I’m hanging on to it. It’s about as close as I’ll ever come to owning a real “beauty” of my own.

If all goes well, it will one day be the antique car I’ve always desired.

Anyway-I’m on my way to interview a delightful 83-year-old gentleman who owns a replica 1929 Model A Ford! It was actually built in 1979-for the 50th anniversary of the original vehicle. I just wish I could share the picture his best friend sent over-it’s yellow (which I’d overlook if he offered it to me, I’m not much for yellow) and absolutely gorgeous. So I’m taking pictures for the story and talking to him about how he got so lucky as to find this antique.

I have to say-it’s a pleasure when people welcome you into their lives and share them with you-you never know what you learn, what you feel like changing in your own life and what you’ve been missing by just being on the treadmill we all get so over-involved running on.

So yes, I’ll have to listen to the details about the particles of cholesterol that eventually clog your arteries and kill you in some slow and painful way if you don’t take statins or this new herbal remedy that’s been used successfully in Italian for years-but on the flip side, I also get to become friends with some pretty incredible folks.

Oh, and I also get to maybe sit in my dream car.

Guess the one that interests me the most are the ladies who are coaching other women on re-entering the job market. I wonder what kind of advice they give, or what they do. I'll have to look for the link if you post it here.

For years I owned an older model T-Bird hoping to drive in the local Woodward Avenue dream cruise some year. But the car never functioned well enough (and I'm not mechanical) for me to trust in on such an outing. And eventually I sold it.
Sounds like a great looking car. As w/ most "dreams", the reality is sometimes nothing like what we're thinking
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