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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Strange Food Items

While shopping at Sprouts, my favorite food store, with my daughter-she showed me a whole world of "fat free, calorie free and sugar free" "foods"-amazing what can be done with chemicals nowadays.

It's so funny how these diets are recycled. I remember clearly that day in the mid-1960s when my mother came home announcing, "I've finally found the answer." Yep, it was that HCG diet. But it wasn't her long-term answer. Before the HCG made its comeback, we all saw the Atkins or low carb diet make a comeback. Wonder what's next...

But congrats to your daughter - 18 lbs is a wonderful accomplishment and a good catalyst to changing the way we approach eating.
crossing my fingers on this one Kathy. on the flip side, my acupuncturist was telling me her sil did it, lost 40 lbs and then went back to eating the way she had b/f the shots. so when the shots ended, her eating went back up-you've probably guessed, she put back on not only the 40, but 10 more pounds!! eeks.
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