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Thursday, March 15, 2012


My Favorite Year

My Favorite Year?

I’m not talking about the movie-just literally, “my favorite year”.

Do you have one? If you do, which one is it and why?

While in the check-out line buying my produce, I heard the woman behind me telling the cashier that she wished she could go back to being 16, because that was her favorite age and she didn’t have to think about what or how much she ate. This lady went on to talk about how her backside wasn’t “cottage cheesy” (okay, as a bystander who didn’t have earplugs, this was just too much info), her skin wasn’t dry and thin and she didn’t worry about how many chemicals were in the hair dye she used.

This got me to thinking about what was my favorite year?

I ruled out the teens-I’m sorry, unless you were one of the kids in the “popular” clique (actually I sort of was, but I still hated high school enough that I decided early graduation and escape to college was a good plan) or strong enough that you just didn’t care; High School was not that great.

College was fantastic for me, but I found that since I was still “under age” when I graduated a lot of what my friends did-well, since they were friends, they felt the need to shelter me from the root of all “evil”. Thank goodness for my best friend Howard. He was a mere 4 months older than me, so we supported each other in our mutual commiseration.

I kept thinking. I was 22 when I met my husband. It was love at first sight, literally. So that year is in high contention for the win. After all, without meeting him-it would be impossible to consider our wedding day, the day we found out Sarah was on the way and her birth, the same excitement over Adam. The day we found our first cat Snowy (she did precede Sarah, but the “real” kids come first) in our apartment garage. The day we rescued our first pup Lucky.

Another great year was the one that found us sighing a huge one of relief when our son Adam’s biopsy came back negative for Hodgkin’s.

Maybe 1997? That was the year we rescued Sunshine, but it was a sad year as well-3 months before, we lost Lucky. Maybe 2003? Our daughter got engaged and she rescued Pepper who is now our only furkid.

2004, the year Sarah got married? 2010, when Adam tied the knot? Then there’s 2007 and 2008-we became grandparents those years.

At 54 and counting, there are a lot of special years and a lot of stinko years as well. It’s very hard to say which year is the best. Honestly, I’m just glad I have had all of them and I remember them with a lot of love.

My college years I remember as a fun, carefree time. No specific year really sticks out. Good times combined with stressful events most years I can remember. I'm hoping the year I retire to be one where I can relax and reminisce more. And spend more time doing the things I want to do.

I agree with you about the high school years. High school wasn't that much fun for me even if the friendships I made there lasted till today.
I was class president and involved in a lot of things: newspaper, choir, drama-and yet, I decided at 15 that I was graduating at 16 and going to college.

still in touch w/ a lot of the high school friends, but I did not enjoy those 2 years.
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