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Friday, April 06, 2012


Do I Hear #32?


I’m supposing that most people are writing this week’s blog about Good Friday, Passover and Easter.

Not me. This week, it’s all about the married life.

My husband Steve and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary. Quite an accomplishment, no?

We usually go out for a nice dinner (at least the nicest we can afford) and it’s just the two of us. The kids used to come along, as well as in-laws, and my sister’s family but hey-life happens and it’s not a possibility any more. Sarah and her clan live a state away. Our daughter-in-law is shoulder deep in her nursing studies and our son is working enough for 3 people, not just one. My parents are not able to drive at night and my sister’s family is so busy they barely/rarely see each other at the dinner hour.

Last year at this time we were on the Celebrity Eclipse, enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean and unaware that our cell phones had been hacked. Took us the entire day of traveling home to unravel that mess.

This year, Steve had to work until 9:30 on our anniversary, so we took a BOGO coupon to a local restaurant and had an early lunch together. At least we could still spend that needed couple time on our special day.

We didn’t really “do” presents, just the lunch and a card (although he did give me 18 beautiful red roses). But we’ve always been practical. Steve’s always been better at selecting gifts, but it’s hard to spend the money when you never know what the economy will be bringing to the table. Guess that’s why I didn’t get a replacement diamond for the one that popped out of my tennis bracelet or a new puppy. I was also told not to even think about buying those new pajamas that I noticed my other and better half was in bad need of getting.

After 31 years, we’re happy to be together, glad that despite all the issues that come up as you age we are able to enjoy our relationship and what we bring to the table to enhance each other’s lives.

This blog may not be the most entertaining I’ve written, but the past year has been quite something. Not sure what, but it’s been something. Not all of it “fun” either.

Here’s hoping that by our 32nd anniversary-which, by the way, will have us enjoying a week in the Caribbean sand and sun again (this time on the Celebrity Silhouette). As with the celebration last year, we’ve been saving our pennies, making our plans and looking forward to the anticipation of the time that we’ll be able to board the plane to Ft. Lauderdale and see what our next adventure in married life will be.

In the meantime, even though I’ve said it a few times, but here it is again: Happy 31st honey and may we have many, many more.

Very nice. It's uplifting to hear about a couple that still truly treasures eachother after 31 years of marriage. My wife and I will be married 32 years next month.

I didn't know you could hack cell phones.
Congrats to you and Wendy, Dave!!! We've been hearing of quite a few couples who have been together for several decades and still treasure each other-which is wonderful!
And yes, last year sometime between takeoff and getting settled at the hotel in FLA-someone in Cuba hacked into our lines-ALL OF US IN THE FAMILY PLAN!! (read this 7 people), they called all over the place so (to their credit)Sprint shut the phones down, not knowing why, when we never called overseas ever-we suddenly had over a dozen calls!!!
As the primary on the acct. they had to talk to me and shut down everyone and re-start us from scratch. we didn't know until we were in between flights in Austin-on the way home 9 days later! We found out when we tried to call our kids and let them know we were almost home!
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