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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


American Airlines-SHAME, SHAME!

Here’s a good one:

My daughter and family got on an American Airlines flight to Orlando this morning. After they were in the air, there was some turbulence and the seat belt light was on- our grandson Dylan (5) couldn’t “hold it“, so our son-in-law  took him to the restroom. The stewardess started yelling at him that he had to get back in his seat and “would you let your kid unbelt if you were driving?“! Then she told him she had already called security which would escort them all off the plane when they land in Dallas!!!

Then when they did-the boys were crying, my daughter was crying and the stewardess, in front of the passengers exiting told security that “he called me stupid“!!!

Two other passengers who were walking by, stopped and told the officer that she was totally lying and that she and another stewardess were doing their best to incite him!

She hurried off, but the officer said for son-in-law to email him a statement and the he understood totally as he had kids the same age.

I told her to really complain to AA and tell them you have a lawyer if you don’t get a written apology and a total reimbursement of your tickets for all the aggravation and trauma done to your kids.

Shame on them, they need to be fined.   Another form of bullying, no?

I'm somewhat confused the stewardess lied about what occurred?
so were my kids-at no time did my son-in-law say anything out of line-it was her who was ill mannered. Other passengers heard her comment saying my sil told her to shut up and told the security person that she was lying. kids called the airlines and their mileage CC-something will be done.
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