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Friday, May 04, 2012


BlogSpot is Broken

BlogSpot is Broken

Last week something just awful happened.  Okay-not as bad as a bombing or Octomom deciding to declare bankruptcy and parade around naked because she has no money to support her 14 freakin’ kids without a father, but awful just the same.

I’m sure anyone who saw my post from last week and then the disclaimer realizes it:  BlogSpot decided to “improve” itself. 

What the heck???   I tried and tried, but I can’t find a way to get my paragraphs in and show that there are indeed paragraphs!  Another blogging friend Dave said he had the same problem, but I re-checked and he finally got it to work.

I have obviously not.  I’ve sent word directly to Google/BlogSpot.  I hunted around and somehow got on some “Help” board and asked a question (absolutely worthless, no “help” was offered).  I tried the template section and all sorts of other things and nothing has worked!

If I didn’t hear that others are experiencing the same difficulty, I’d chalk it up to my technically challenged demeanor.  Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

This is frustrating.  Why do various sites feel the need to improve on a situation that isn’t in need of change?  It was bad enough that I never got the hang of posting pictures and that it took the pity of a person who did sites for a living to get my “favorites” off to the left.  Of course, I’m thinking that the disappearance of that information is one of the other “defects” of this improvement.

Yes, I’m angry about this, yes I’m ready to say-maybe I’ll try wordpress or some other blogosphere-but how do I know if that will be any better???

Dave, the blogger friend who figured out the paragraph situation will hopefully see my plea and send some hints-but he did mention here last week that these changes were making him think it was time to retire his blog.

I hope not, I enjoy reading his musings!


What I did was use Microsoft Word to compose my blog, then I copied and pasted it over to Blogspot. Sometimes I end up with a lot of extra spaces between paragraphs, like I see you have here, but I just delete those.

I'm still boycotting till they fix it for good though.
That's what I'm using and it didn't work. I did click on "compose" and then entered and got this.
I despise this new blogger and I told them I would when they were sending out tests of it. But then they forced us all to use it anyway so I'm not using my blogger blog anymore - I'm back to using my wordpress blog. So sad cuz I loved my Flip Flops & FABs blogger blog.
well, I finally figured out how to get my paragraphs-so that's a plus Kathy.

by accident, I hit compose and then hit enter. I checked the preview after that-and it worked!

still I do hate change. so I'm still going to act the curmudgeon.
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