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Friday, August 03, 2012


It's "National..." Day

It’s National fill in the blank day

I’m sorry (not really), but would someone explain why we have so many “National” days?  

In the last week there’s been National Dance Day (which is great for getting at least a few people off their proverbial backsides), National Lipstick Day (honest injun), National Lasagna Day and National Cheesecake Day-do we really need a special day for everything?

I read that there’s a national clown day, peanut butter day and even a national pickle day!

Next thing will be a national whole grain cereal for lunch day!  (Maybe there is and I missed the announcement)  Why not a national margarine day?  I personally would love a national “new and different way to prepare chicken” day.

Maybe I could make a list and sent it to my local senator and congressman?

It could be something akin to:

Dear politician who supposedly does something for my hometown,

I want you to know that I’ve canvassed my home and the members in it who vote promise to work at getting you re-elected if you get the following subjects a day to call their own and the rest of us can either celebrate or get a day off work for:

1)      National torn rotator cuff day

2)      National gout medication day

3)      National Humira shot evening

4)      National  eat high fiber cereal day

5)      National day for those of us sick and tired of trying to get Medicare to understand they can’t take back money from disabled Americans day.

6)      National wear a lot of make-up day (another for not wearing any)

7)      National don’t wear a bra day (men, make up your own clothing item not to wear-Steve chose “ties”)

8)      National I want to use the air-conditioner in my home day without later having to give up eating day

9)      And last National “stop making needless national celebration days” day.

What do you think?  Anyone want to add a few to the list?

Maybe I’m getting crankier as I go on in life-but really, do we need a day to celebrate lipstick, salty foods or fat cell producing treats?

I’m hoping my Scrooge-like demeanor brings some new comments and maybe an opposite point of view to be blogged about at a later date.  I’ll probably name it “National Cranky Blog” day.

Bravo and here, here. I've often thought about doing a cranky old man blog myself. I don't pay attention to those special days myself but you do wonder why they're necessary. Probably earned some lobbyist his keep for a while, eh.

I'm not a fan of neckties either but I haven't worn them in quite a while anyway. I'd love to give up wearing reading glasses but then I wouldn't be able to deciper anything but screaming headlines.
heard about many more "national" days on the fab40 site. amazing
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