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Friday, November 09, 2012


Goodbye Surburbia, Hello Country Life

Good bye city life!


Finally got to visit my ever-lovin’ and much missed husband, if only for 2-1/2 days. Boy did we have a romantic time too.




Because of my “faulty” hand and torn rotator cuff, I asked a gentleman to help me with my carry-on.  A very nice woman said she’d help and we wound up sitting next to each other.  Turned out she was masseuse and gave me some ideas on how to help myself with self-massage, Epsom salts, etc...  Most I knew, but she was very nice and we chatted away the entire 50 minutes. 




She lived in Scottsdale where Steve is working.  When I told her where I would be she said, “Oh how wonderful, you get to live in the country.  I’ve always wanted to live out there.”




Hadn’t thought about it that way, but I guess that’s why Sarah, Sam and I will be making 30 minute treks to get our produce at our familiar “Sprout’s” market and 20 minutes for any needed Costco runs.




As soon as I landed and connected with Steve, we sped off to dinner w/ the family.  Then he took me to see our new home.






You’d think w/ the advent of digital cameras that I would have been prepared for the colors that the former owner put on the walls. But NOOOOOOOO.




Mucus green, slate bluish black, rust orange, dark espresso and yes, mustard yellow simply do not come out and show you the beauty that is theirs unless you’re standing there in person.



Plus, most of you out there know my complete and utter aversion to cultured marble. Well, lucky us-our master bathroom not only has shower walls and tub surround made of the stuff-my tub is molded from it.




Can you all guess what our first huge project will be????




Anyway, Steve and I picked out the new paint, started the painter on that task. We picked out and ordered new window coverings for the few areas that don’t have nice plantation shutters covering them, we picked/bought and hired the contractor to put up the new backsplash in the kitchen and we picked out and bought the room fans for those without those items as well.




I do like my new kitchen.  I have more work space than I thought and Steve ordered the lazy Susan for the corner cabinet that needed it. The room sizes are nice and our new office is narrow, but will do quite nicely. Our front porch has a beautiful desert view and our grandsons were happy to hear that across the street is a nice park for them.




By the time I get back there permanently in about a week-the home will be much more to our liking (except the master bath).




I wish Steve and I would’ve had a bit more time to spend just catching up, but at least we finally got to see one another. Came home to a de-termited house (you’ll note I am no longer saying home), a very upset Pepper and wishing I had something other than salmon patties in my freezer to use as my protein until I leave. LOL




I was also able to see Sarah and Alex’s newly remodeled and beautiful kitchen as well as Adam and Sam’s beautiful new home. We helped Sarah with Aidan’s cavity filling (there’s a story waiting to be written!) and picked up Dylan from K-garten.




Before we knew it my bag was re-packed and we had just barely enough time to have a bagel and coffee together before Steve dropped me off at the airport.


A little FYI-Steve is “shutting me down” on the 14th, so this will have to hold everyone until we get settled.


My plans are to be up and running and able to post before Thanksgiving, but now that I will be a “country girl”-best to figure in Murphy’s Law and wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday right now.

Welcome to Country Life with a desert view!

Congrats on your new home! I'm not sure about the expresso paint and the cultured marble-- but I know that you can over come it! And have a blast ridding yourself of it.

I hope that the nice lady's advice turns out to be fruitful for you.

See you back here when you reconnect!

And on WD!

All the foul colors are gone and will be forgotten in a short while Ruthy!

today I realized that this is my last Sunday here and my last Sunday Register.

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Glad you liked it and put it on your list of favs!

I'd like our next home to be something more of a country home. My wife's only worry is critters, which tend to be more of a problem if you're next to woods and stuff.
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