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Sunday, March 03, 2013


Broad Appeal is Funny and Educational

Ever wonder how women feel about getting older?  Sam Dawson, once she hit 60 did-so she asked and shared for her new book, "Broad Appeal".  Read about Dawson, her book and more on pgs. 3 and 8:

Now, this is how CA girls do it - lol! Loved it!
Now, this is how CA girls do it - lol! Loved it!
the book was funny, poignant and uplifting!
The article was relevant to me, even though I'm a guy, since I'm turning 60 this year. Any idea who she was describing when she talked about 'toxic people?' I think we ran into some of those types when we were vacationing recently in Naples, Florida.
pretty sure she meant anyone who's toxic-even those who you run into during an otherwise very lovely vacation! had a "crank" on a cruise several years ago. After about 10 minutes everyone in the whirlpool said we didn't know what she was talking about-we had been having a great time until she showed up. she turned beet red, started flipping us off and left. we laughed and went back to enjoying ourselves!
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