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Friday, April 05, 2013


32 and counting

I know, I said I was not going to post until we came back to are desert oasis, but I wanted to say "Have a great week!"

Today we've already been up since daybreak (all right, it was 6:30, because our little Chihuahua had to potty) and have had the weeds killed, breakfast out (our usual Hot Bagels hangout), Steve is out getting new tires, I'm getting the animals ready for their "vacation" and in a bit-our daughter and I are heading out for a very much needed (read that desperate) manicure.

This will be my first since my first hand surgery a year ago.  Obviously, despite two sets of tender scars-I'm well overdue.

I've got my clothes ready to go into the suitcases, there's a full bag of cat food and treats to go to Adam and Sam's home for Pepper and I've already bagged and tagged Lucky's food for the Pet Hotel.  Pepper pretty much hides for at least 1/2 the vacation under the bed with Toby (the Maine Coon that Pepper helped raise).  He'll come out and pal around with Lily, Billy and Brianna.  Now that he's back to having his own dog-he'll probably be hunting around for her.  It was decided that Sam and Adam (and the soon to be Jackson Dale) have enough on their plate without having a 3/4-house trained pup on hand.

Tonight we'll spend at Sarah's-as the shuttle is coming to pick all 6 of us up at some God awful hour of 5 a.m..  Ugh!

Last night was our 32nd anniversary-we spent the day trying both a new breakfast and dinner place.  Breakfast was okay and dinner was pretty good.  Then we went downtown and saw Spamalot.  It was funny and quite entertaining.  The couple next to us were slightly appalled-didn't matter that this was  a spoof on a spoof-they were gasping at the sacrilegious humor.

Oh well-we had a great time.

And now-I'm stalling to finish up some tasks that really must get done.  As I've been writing, I realized that I didn't count out some fairly important unmentionables!  So I bid you adieu until the middle of the month.

Woo Hoo, Celebrity Silhouette-here come the Nadels (and the Krises!)

Happy Anniversary! Woo hoo! And a big Boy Voyage! Your first cruise flying in from Phoenix - should be shorter flight than LAX, yes? Can't wait to hear all about it (this is when I'm sorry I converted my profile to a page - can't comment on FB as a page!
thank you Kathy! it's been quite the year and we're so looking forward to this trip! I'm sure hoping that the shuttle from dd to the airport will be shorter! especially at 5 a.m. LOL
Some day my wife and I will have to take a cruise somewhere. The news lately is a little discouraging, but you always take chances when you travel. Hope you have a great time.
just home Dave-we all had a great time. only the travelling home was taxing.

nothing says "stop the fun" like 1-1/2 hours standing in line at customs....
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