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Thursday, August 29, 2013





I was just thinking this morning at how I’ve personally changed since starting this blog.  I started my musings on Independence Day, 2006.  My reasoning was simple-I wanted a place where I could dust off my rusty writing techniques, give myself personal deadlines and get back to earning some money with those skills.  And the reasoning behind Independence Day?  That I was starting my own Independence and getting back to my roots.


My life is full-daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, in-law and grandparent, but I wanted to be Carine the writer as well.  I had truly missed that part, deeply-just didn’t have the time to realize it until our son, Adam graduated high school and we shut down our day care business.


There were no ideas of grandeur-just wanted to write.  And so it began.  Quickly realizing that while I could still write pretty darn well, I needed to do something about my technical abilities. 


It took the help of a “kindly” stranger to get my list of favorites to be listed-if you try some of those links that are there-you’ll find that some of them no longer exist-but my skills to take them off have not improved.




But-I have found a way to post some pictures.  That’s only been in the last couple of months-but I can do it!  Plus, I’ve learned how to navigate several social media sites and even post from my smart phone!



All of these new talents were not easy for me-you’ll remember way back at the beginning, I did write a post apologizing for not being able to acknowledge my favorite blogs or doing a whole lot more than just writing.  I called myself a “technodweeb”. 


It’s not that I’m much better at my technical abilities, but I’m very proud of those I’ve honed.


I wish I’d been able to have some of these skills when Dylan and Aidan were born-they were just as cute as Jackson-but I just wasn’t able to add their baby photos-not even to “save my life”.  And then I would have loved to have shared a photo of Sunshine.  Our dear and beloved (and despite our new adorable rescue, we still cry at missing her for almost 2 years now) Sunshine.


Besides being 7 years older, I’ve written about job loss, aches and pains, graduations, marriages, births, remodeling successes (and annoyances) and our very long moving experiences-some of my posts have been put on other peoples blogs, a couple I re-wrote and had published in Chicken Soup books and others have been my sounding boards-this has been a good place for me.


I’m not informing you (by any means) that I’m shutting down-this is still “my” place, but I’m hoping that you all still come here to share my life, my loves and hopefully still finding a bit of amusement in the process of visiting.

It's the same all over - so few come by and leave comments anymore but they're still reading. I call them my "silent readers." lol!

I do love to stop by and read the latest chapter in your life! I read very few blogs but yours is on my list!
I know-I just left one on yours-love the new look and thoughts. thank you for reading!!
Hea Carine, boy you really nailed it for me too. I've blogged for pretty much the same reasons too. Just wish I had acquired more technical skills like you have.
I doubt if any of my 'favorites' links still work. Well, your's does cause I just used it to come here.

I am having time issues of late, to go along with my balky computer. Today is my 'free' day, so I'm trying to catch up on my blogging, but I also took the car in to be fixed, am spot-cleaning the house as we have out-of-town guests coming tonite, trying to get a free Shutterfly photo book put together (the deadline is today) AND I'm trying to catch up with my blogging buddies.

I do always enjoy your blogs and sooner or later I get to reading all of them.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.
same here Dave, I know yours works. Kathy Holmes changes hersnow and then so it's a 50/50 type of things. have no idea about the rest.

Kathy, if you read her post-has noticed the same thing about people leaving a comment.

sad really-even if it isn't every post-I can tell from Google I've got a lot more readers, but no one wants to comment one way or the other!
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