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Thursday, August 01, 2013


Precious Moments

Thoughts and Prayers


This has been another busy, topsy-turvy week.


Our grandson-to-be has been put on notice.  The latest ultra-sound has shown that Jackson’s shoulders already rival “the spread” of his dad’s and paternal grandfather’s.  Plus, as of this writing-he’s close to 9 pounds.


That’s quite a “far cry” from his father-who was born 6-1/2 weeks early and 6 pounds 1 ounce. Now my mind is a tad bit fuzzy after over 29+ years, but I’m pretty certain that Adam didn’t hit that weight mark until he was past 3 months.


The expectant couple was told that either Jackson makes his debut into the outer world by Monday, August 5th all on his own power or Mother and Child will be induced on that date at any time after midnight.


Why midnight?  Why Monday?  Simple as it being the beginning of week 39 and when the first bed opens up in the maternity ward.


Per the legalities, they will not induce (unless there is a serious medical reason) until moms hit that all important “lucky” mark in their pregnancy. 


So our son, who has wanted to be a dad since he was a toddler himself is not sleeping and is as nervous as the proverbial cat.  Every look has him nagging at his bride as to whether or not “this is it”.


Mom on the other hand is sleeping like a rock.  One look though and as a mom I see where my inherited daughter is ready to meet her roommate.  And meet him NOW!


As our we all.  Cousins are telling him to come out.   Aunts are anxious; uncles are a bit less interested on the actual arrival time but are waiting for the happy news as well.


Steve and I have been in the waiting room once, the delivery room once and now we’ll be hopefully sitting together again waiting at Banner Hospital for the news of our latest new arrival to the Nadel clan.


I’m saying hopefully together due to work schedules.  Darn if something isn’t always getting in the way of being at the right place at the right time for the best of events.


That being said-may I ask all of you to say a few Thoughts and Prayers for Adam, Sam and Jackson? 


One last thought-it will be a precious moment when the three see each other as a family for the first time and as we all know, they need to take a deep breath and enjoy it for all its worth.  For before you know it-those new parents will be welcoming their own grandchildren.

My sister was supposedly 2 weeks late upon arrival and weighed 9 lb. 4 oz. But that's normal for her - it seems she's late for everything - lol!

She finally arrived the usual way in a matter of seconds. My mother barely made it to Palm Harbor Hospital - lol!

Hope things go smoothly for Jackson's arrival. Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Sam bravely went off to work today. I never made it to week 35 on either pregnancy-so I'm in awe.

Wow! How are things going? I wrote a blog post about it on blogger.
so far we're still holding on. at least sam is!
Don't you know it--the children then grandchildren comment. Mom and child look beautful in that photo. I hope everything went well. We don't have any more grandchildren on the horizon but we have tremendous fun with the two that we have now. Grandparents are so grateful for any grandchildren they get in this day and age.
Want to post the shot of Adam with jackson but haven't had time to upload the camera yet
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