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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Let's Get Re-Acquainted

It’s Been a While-Let’s Get Re-acquainted


While on FaceBook I found this query from one of my “friends”.  I realized that it had been quite a while since one of my blogs had some fun, so here are the questions and my answers, would love to see yours!


1-What is one of your favorite foods to eat? Let’s face it, if you’ve read this blog a while-you know it’s anything veggie.

2-Where is one of your all-time favorite travel destinations? Love the Caribbean!  We’ve had 6 trips there and would love to go again for our 35th anniversary in 2016

3-Who is one of your favorite actors?  Honestly, I don’t have one.  I go film by film.


4-What is one of your favorite movies?  I’m very old school-I like to be entertained.  Not grossed out or disgusted.  I want to feel joy or deep thoughts when I sit for 2 hours.  Since I’m an old dancer-“Singin’ in the Rain”.


5-Tell something that you’ve never shared about you before?  I haven’t shared this, but again, if you’ve read my work at all, you know that family is the driving force in my world.  I’d do almost anything for my kids.  I’m an avid believer in rescuing fur babies and if I could-I’d have a pet rescue.  Any cruelty to innocents such as children and animals truly riles me up.  Shame on those who do it.  They deserve life without parole.  Period.

6-My biggest concerns?  Same as most of you-the state of our world, what will happen to my kids and grandkids.  Will we ever retire and feel comfortable doing so?  Will my health issues improve?  Will my medical team ever actually be able to help me live a less painful life?


Now-your answers?

Hea, Carine. We've both been blogging awhile, haven't we. When I started I was writing about my kids, now it's about my grandkids.

1. Ground bologna sandwich, like my mother used to make me.
2. Have to go with the Disneyworld tho I realize it's probably not that original.
3. I don't really have a favorite actor but if I had to pick one I've always liked John Wayne, again not too original though.
4. Well, since it's autumn which means Halloween, and I like the horror classics, then the original Dawn of the Dead.
5. I've been blogging so long it's hard to think of anything noteworthy here. Maybe that I've always wanted to run with the bulls like in Pamploma.
6. Biggest concerns are pretty much the same as your's except that my health issues are not as serious. But health is always a concern.

loved the answers Dave-although I'm not one for horror movies. Does "The Mummy" count?
The Brendan Fraser "Mummy" movies aren't really horror, but more action adventure. The old Mummy movies like the ones with Karloff or Lon Chaney would be considered horror, but still pretty tame for today's tastes.
I'd say anything we grew up with is mighty mild compared to what's in theatres these days
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