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Thursday, January 09, 2014





We all know that I have a love/hate relationship going on with computers.  This “thing” allows me to write/submit/get paid (no matter how little) and perform my personal form of art.  However, it also causes me great amounts of frustration!


Okay, maybe it’s the age of my current co-worker-I’ve been using it since 2008 and I think that unfortunately may be the answer for my problems.  What’s been going on now you might be curious enough to ask?


1-It has deemed as a possibly dangerous site.  (No, I’m not kidding)

2-Some cyber friends and I, upon the magazine site we found each other on shutting down, formed our own private site and have continued to enjoy our relationship/friendships-until about a month ago.  That’s when my computer decided that it was “dangerous” and began bouncing me off and closing my internet use!

3-As if that’s not enough, it has declared that my own Word attachments and anyone else who sends them to me are “corrupt, dangerous and have been de-activated”.


Now as for what Steve has tried to do to correct these sudden anomalies:  First off, he cleared my cookies out.  He re-ran the security scans and defragmented the entire thing-despite it being done on its own at least once a week.  He checked to be sure that a virus and any spyware didn’t somehow get by that said security program and last (at least with Blogger) he followed the trail that they said might help.

It didn’t.  In fact, none of it helped.   And no, I did not have any nasty things latching on to anything in the entire universe of this computer!

I had to send e-mails to my friends and let them know that I’m no longer allowed on our site.  Darn, I’m missing all the good stuff and no longer am able to share my latest events either.  Not the same when you send out a blanket e-mail.

In desperation, I posted a thread on my FaceBook page hoping someone on my friends list might know of something I could do-I received sympathy, but little else.

Personally, I think when you’re a totally inept person in the world of technology that these items feel your fear and prey on them.

Whatever it is, if anyone feels my pain and wants to commiserate OR better yet, have a suggestion or two as to how to correct what’s been going on SPILL IT AND SHARE!

I wish I could help you but I'd probably be as much help to fix your computer as your would be to fix our cold weather. I'm also struggling with my home computer. It freezes constantly, so I have to turn it off and on just to kick some life into it. I've deleted files to add memory, done the scans and the defrags, cleared all the memory caches, and it's only marginally better for a little while.

I wish I could go to some site that might trigger a warning, but I'm lucky just to get on Facebook.

A childhood friend gave us what sounded like a great suggestion. Steve did try it-helped only minimally. Still boots me off one site, freezes on another and NOW-tells me that another one is 'DANGEROUS" AND "don't go there!"

Plus, I now have to have certain people send their photos direct to the editor b/c McAffee still considers them too dangerous to reckon with-learning to do things at least 2-4 times b/f getting things done. grrrr
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