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Friday, January 24, 2014


It's All in the Subject

How to Make Sure You Have a Popular Blog


Sometimes coming up with what to write about week after week gets a bit difficult.  I Googled it and Google told me I’m far from alone on this matter and gave me the following suggestions on how to make sure I write what people want to read about most:

1. Lists

Everyone, young and old, love to read a list.  According to Google just pick a subject and a number and write one.  Fine.  Here is my “list” of 5 things no one will ever see or hear of me doing:  smoking, taking illegal drugs, drinking alcohol, wearing stilettos and shopping for shoes with a smile on my face.  You heard it here first.

2. How-to

Everyone loves to have easy-peasy directions on a variety of things.  Here’s mine on how to get help with household chores.  Not that I’m recommending it, because it’s more of a “pain” than I can describe but my simplest directions on this subject:  Get hurt.  That’s it.  Once hurt those around you have either got to pitch in or forget having clean clothes, dishes, meals (you are sensing a pattern here, right?), etc…

3. Reviews

Again, according to Google, reviews on just about anything will have people running to your blog for no particular reason.  Here are some of the suggestions that you could become a quasi-expert on:  Products, other people’s websites, books, movies, music, anything to do with food and so on…The possibilities are truly endless. 

4. Photos

I’m finding people love my photos on animals and grandkids the best.  But, believe it or not, the photo of a hot air balloon that had a “nail” in it was popular as well.  Really.

5. Current Events

What's going on in the world? Before I was lucky enough to have paying assignments I wrote a lot of blogs that stemmed from current events.  They were very thought provoking-loved getting comments and e-mails about them.

6. Tips

We all have tips!  Whether it’s your way of keeping your whites even whiter, curing a migraine without the use of Botox or getting your picky eater to try a “spoonful” of something other than sugar-spill the beans!

Here’s mine:  When making cupcakes for birthdays, bake sales or just because you feel like snacking on cake batter, rather than frosting them, get some sprinkles or metallic sugar crystals and put them on the batter before baking!  They come out looking quite special and there are no messy hands, faces, tables and chairs to clean up.

8. Recommendations

At times all of us need suggestions on what to wear, who to include/exclude to the next soiree, what new food find will help whatever ails you.  Not that anyone really cares what you say-but it could get you this this trustworthy recommendation:



And with that last bit, I sure do hope this turns out to be a very popular blog!  After all, I’ve included quite a few brilliant points of interest in one compact post.

All good ideas. I seem to be blogging about once a month so it's not as difficult to come up with a new blog idea. But I see it's been a month since my last one so it's about time again. I wish my computer would work better so I'd have time to read more blogs. There is a lot of good information out there.
I hear you-lately I've been having some odd problems that I can't seem to get ironed out.

there were some interesting ideas and for whatever reason-since this post I've gained 10 new followers on Twitter! go figure
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