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Friday, July 04, 2014


Baby, You're a Firework



In Cali, most of Orange County was not allowed to set off even sparklers for much of the last 2-3 decades.  Here in Arizona, things are well, different.

Steve and I walked into Wal-Mart last week and the wall that was previously filled with sunscreens, pool toys and otter pop bags had been replaced with fireworks!  We later read in the local freebie newspaper called In And Out that here in Anthem it was more than legal to buy these boxes and set them off from pretty much the third week of June.


The one caveat?  After the 6th of July-no one better try setting one off.


Personally, I was all for going to our community center where our small town hosts a whole day of food trucks, carnival rides and games and pool time all culminating with a fireworks display around 9 p.m...

However, at the last moment (literally!) a monsoon blew into town and the display was cancelled.  Don’t know about the folks who wandered over to enjoy the rides and such.


I remember vividly being in the hospital for knee surgery when I was 14 and having one of the only other 2 teenagers there (the other was my roommate) come into my room-turns out it was his umpteenth surgery on his hand.  The doctors were trying to save it from being mangled and burned during a July 4th celebration when one of those gun powder holders went off in that said hand.


He was only 17-couldn’t understand the pull and allure then and I definitely don’t understand it now.


Yes, fireworks are beautiful and create lots of “oohs” and “aahs” from all who watch them.  And yes, if you add a background of patriotic music an appropriate amount of throat lumps will ensue.  But I’m still all for letting those who are professionals set off these explosions a safe distance away from those who are looking up into the sky.


End of sermon.


Besides our country’s birthday and celebration-it’s my mom’s 84th birthday!  Another one where she is celebrating in one state while we are firmly rooted in another.  It is what it is.


I can’t quite say that I’m getting used to it.  Probably never will be.


Steve is working July 4th, so is Adam.  Sarah is taking Dylan for a long weekend (remember Aidan came with us to OC a month or so ago while Dylan stayed home sick) to the Bay area.  What I’m hoping is that all the noise won’t scare Lucky too much.  She didn’t enjoy all the popping sounds AT ALL last year.

Pepper’s never really cared one way or the other.  At nearly 10, I doubt it will bother him now.


My biggest hope for the holiday is that it WON’T be the expected 115 at dinner time and that perhaps we can plug in the misting fan and eat our BBQ under the stars. But with the looming gray skies and the threat of more wind and sideways rain, I think indoors will be best.  Just hoping to get those ribs on the grill.


Here’s hoping that everyone reading this will have a safe, safe and fun Independence Day.

They made it legal in Michigan to buy and shoot powerful fireworks here for three nights around the Fourth of July. Now I know what it feels like to live under siege in Syria or whereever. I'm with you. I'll watch from a distance. Don't like the 'personal fireworks.'

Happy birthday to your mom.
Thank you Dave! How are you and Wendy doing these days? I keep checking your blog for a new entry!
We're quite busy, Carine. Besides our vacation we have a wedding plus our daughter-in-law's 30th birthday bash plus our son and future daughter-in-law are coming to town all this weekend.

And next week, an eye appointment and a colonoscopy (everything can't be fun).
I agree-today, we love birds took our bone scans together...
How wonderful about the rest of your "busyness" though!!! tomorrow (now that I have been given a week off from the older boys)I have to haul my rather questionable body to Adam's house and watch Jackson. This should be fun w/ a frozen shoulder, etc...
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