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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Stupid is as Stupid Does

Stupid is as Stupid Does

I try my best to not comment on how and why some parents do certain things with their kids, but a recent happening here in the Phoenix area had me shaking what’s left of my head/neck region in complete disgust.

What am I talking about?  The 9-year-old who “accidently” killed her gun coach while shooting off an Uzi!


Am I the only one who thought, “What on earth is a 9-year-old doing being coached on the finer points of using an Uzi?”?????

It’s not just the parents fault.  As a local columnist re-iterated my already written blog-why would this “coach” allow a child this young to use an semi-automatic weapon?  And why oh why does my new home state allow for such freedoms to a person who’s barely out of diapers?


I get that I’m an anti-gun person in a pro-gun state, but really?  Unless you’re in the military training to take out an entire terrorist group-does ANYONE in the private sector really need lessons on how to use this particular piece of shooting equipment?


And now that this little tiny girl has killed someone she must have considered important in her life-how, oh how, do her parents explain any of the ramifications to her and help her get over this event?  How does the instructor’s family heal? 


And by the way, he of anyone did know the risks-why didn’t he use the horrible, terrible word “NO”?


Personally, I would have rather have heard that her parents had given her a dirt bike and take up racing than shooting off an Uzi.  I know people may still get seriously hurt and that this is all over the national news because of the thankful rarity of the situation-but this was not the wise thing a parent decided to do.

Maybe I’m part of a minority on the subject of kids and guns, but I have a right to voice my complete audacity at the entire situation.  One person dead, a little girl forever damaged, a family in mourning and another family shocked by what has just happened.


I certainly hope other families thinking of having their little kids take up a sport like this will take this debacle into consideration before trying it out themselves.


I’m just saying, Stupid is as Stupid does. 

I heard the family was from New Jersey on vacation there. Thrill-seeking of any kind is dangerous but I agree with you, letting a nine-year-old girl shoot an Uzi for fun is just plain dumb. I saw the video on the news of what happened just prior to the fatal shooting. The girl shot just one bullet and you saw the rifle recoil so that the barrel was pointed at the gun coach's head. So you had to figure the gun would do the same when it was adjusted to fire multiple shots at once.
just a horrible thing to happen on so many levels.
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