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Friday, September 26, 2014


Being Burglarized is Exhausting

I’ve Got a Headache


This whole robbery/snake thing is a horrible thing.  We haven’t slept well since it happened.  The animals are included in that statement.  Both are still jockeying for position on holding my head on my pillow.  It’s not comfortable.

It’s also not comfortable leaving the house and then wondering what I’m going to find when I drive up.  Steve has put some “steps” in place for security-but let’s face it-a piece of plywood doesn’t help your feeling of security.


Poor Pepper, he was playing with a ball and somehow closed himself in a bedroom.  I was calling all over for him when it was his dinner time-I could hear him crying but it took a while to find where it was coming from!


Lucky, who is a fixture on my lap as a rule, holds on as if she’s on by means of Velcro.


Plus, if I have to leave she reverts to the “give up” position and cries. 


Steve’s determined to have us live in Fort Knox.  I agree with the security system, I don’t care about his spray painting the roll-up garage door windows black and I’m on the fence about putting custom blinds on the 3 small windows that are nearly 7’ in the air.  But I don’t like the idea of putting security grills on the patio doors.


I’m claustrophobic.  But now I’m also terribly upset about this unsettling event.

We talked it over and we’re going with security doors.

As I said, I’m exhausted from no sleep and I haven’t slept because of what happened.  Some co-workers of Steve asked how we could stay in the house.  Where else would we stay?  Right now I’m not feeling all that sure about how and why we were hit, but it’s still our home.  We just need to find a way to put it behind us and move on.


Sounds easier than it will be to attain.  But we’ll get there, all four of us.  It will just take a bit of time.  One woman we talked to (getting new cards and paperwork) said that the same had happened to her and her husband.  She assured me that it does, in fact, get easier.


I asked her how long it has taken them-seems that the police found the guy who broke into their home and her husband and mother-in-law were summoned into court just the week before-once they got him convicted they felt much better.

Something to look forward too. 

Carine, our daughter's apartment and house have been robbed. The first time she & her sister were there, asleep. The guy took the screen off her bedroom window & climbed onto her bed to gain access; she was asleep on the living room floor, and didn't hear anything. He stole their purses, jewelry that was in her bedroom (I don't think he went into our other daughter's room, but I don't know.) and other stuff.

The time her house was robbed, her husband had left the house for 1/2 an hour & came back to find all his music CDs & equipment was gone, as well as her jewelry.

You sure feel violated, when that happens, and we felt sick over it, too. HUGS, my friend!
it really is a total violation Dollfriend. Plus dh is wanting to protect us by making the house into Ft. Knox. I really understand and sort of agree. But it's a shame that we have been made to feel as if we have no choice in the matter on the road to getting back our piece/peace of mind, no?
Unfortunately, all our windows are at ground level, and there isn't much we can do to keep someone out. Our neighbors can't see or hear much, either.
we're in a ranch as well-our neighbors were able to give a timeline, but no one saw a thing, really. one neighbor heard a truck racing down the street and thought that was odd-but glanced at it speeding and didn't even notice the color, style, etc-but we do know it happened after dh left for work and it was done between 9:45 and 11.
I guess those security cameras, everyone seems to be getting, make sense. At least you'd have something to go on, as long as they didn't find them.
worth a shot
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