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Thursday, July 09, 2015


Pets-Have You Noticed?

Why is it?

Why is it that those of us with fur babies have some of the following events happen at fairly regular intervals?

-As soon as you change the sheets on the bed, they get sick?

-When you’re in a hurry to have them potty so you can leave the house they can’t seem to find the “perfect” spot to do their business?

-As soon as your pet requests to go out they want to come back in (as in, they are always on the wrong side of the door)

-Just as you think you’ve finally figured out the food your senior “baby” will eat and be okay with due to a physical condition the store stops carrying it because “there just aren’t enough people interested in buying it”?

-When you make an appointment for their “well-kid” physical with the vet, they suddenly come down with something requiring an invasive procedure?

-No matter what you personally do to see that your fur child won’t get into trouble, as soon as you leave the house for the slightest amount of time, they find just the ticket to either making a mess or destroying an item entirely?

-They look cuter than anyone else’s pet?

-Always move just as you are about to take the best portrait shot of them ever?

-And if you have a toy sized version of a canine, they always seem to get too tired to walk about ½ mile away from home?  Thereby putting the brakes on and whimpering until you pick them up and carry them home?

-And for those who have larger dogs-they need to take a rest on the main drag of your city so that everyone laughs at the fact that you are walking in place until they’ve rested up enough to continue?
-They all seem to know that while we think we’re in charge, they know they are?

The reason for this subject?  Just found out that one of my stories based on our 13 year old Pepper and how he entered our lives and was raised by our late and beloved Goldie mix Sunshine and now he did the same for our beloved little girl Lucky won a place in an upcoming anthology book that will be available on Amazon in the very near future!

I know what you mean about pets. We love them dearly, but they can be a bit trying at times.

Sadly, we can't have large pets where I live now, but when I was a boy, we had a very energetic dog that was part labrador and part collie. I can't really say I ever took him for walks, though. I just took tight hold of the leash, kicked open the door and hung on.
Our last canine baby was the "perfect" blend of Golden Retriever, Labrador and border collie. As I sit here w/ our "perfect" blend of Chihuahua and what we think must be Jack Russell (looks pure Chi, but she jumps to about 4')we still choke up every time we see a Goldie.

We truly love our tabby-Pepper was our Goldie's (Sunshine)baby and now here he is w/ his own baby! That's pretty much what my "winning" story is about.
Part border collie? Oooh, I'm guessing your Goldie must have been really smart! I've seen border collies working with shepherds before. My goodness, what a team!

Congratulations on your winning story, by the way. I'll watch out for the upcoming post about it.
yes, our Sunshine was the "perfect" rescue if ever there was one. We said right from literally day one that we wished we had a way to clone her. She was 70 pounds of sweetness and personality. She was the true air bud in her younger days and she just adored children and her kitten.

never pulled me though. we put us all into training and kept it up throughout our 14 years together.
She sounds like a very sweet-natured dog.
she really was-adorable in every way. Our latest fur baby is also a cutie potootie!
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