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Monday, August 31, 2015



Looks very hot!
we average 110 from mid-May through end of Sept.!
How do you deal with it? I am going crazy! Thankfully, we're only 100+ from June-August and today is Sept. 1st. Tomorrow will be our first under 100 day. I really go mad from about 3 pm until sunset mostly because our living area faces west.
I'm getting to where I don't mind the actual heat (Steve has realized that as long as it's consistent setting the a/c at80 is very comfortable). Last night though: micro burst! 1/2 hour of torrential rain (1/2" in 30 min), wind so hard many of our neighbors lost trees and we had lightning and thunder that made even born and bred AZers wonder what was going on!
Average of 110 for all those months! Agh, Unbelievable!
you get used to it Bun-it's a dry heat
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