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Monday, August 10, 2015


Windows 10-Not Impressed

Week 2 of Windows 10.    Thank goodness Steve has so far only put it on my "old" computer.

He also installed it on his laptop and after 10 hours on the phone with Microsoft and another couple  with HP-he's still working on getting it to co-operate.  He only went from 8.1 to 10, while I made a leap of going from 7 to the wrongly rated 10.

This week I'm trying to get this blog written by just plain old typing it into the program here on blogger.  I guess will both know if this is any better when I press "Publish".

Other things I've noticed about 10:

It took out my automatic sign-ins.  Now I know this isn't recommended and that people will say that it's a safer way to go, but let me tell you something:   I can't remember all of my passwords.  And some of the sites, well, even the ones I wrote down are telling me that my password is incorrect.

One site, from one of my doctors, actually had questions for me to answer before sending me the password.  Well I answered them and it told me I was wrong!  Really?  Like I don't know my favorite pets name (they are all my favorites and I resented that question.) and then it asked where I met my husband.  Funny, I tried all kinds of ways to say "my front door" and they told me all of them were wrong.

So I called the doctor's office and explained the problem.  The nice woman on the phone gave me a new password to try-didn't work.  Then she went to someone else, got another password and had me try it.  Did NOT work.  Then she apologized and said she'd tell someone in IT and have them call me.

I then asked if there was someway that she could tell me what the message was from my doctor.  No, no there was not because the information was private.  Could the PA call me?  No, she wasn't in.

Striking out everywhere computer-wise.  Let's face it, this is not news.

Also this week:  (This is graphic, so I apologize)  DO NOT USE FLYPAPER TRAPS!!!!

Earlier this week I was in the yard waiting for Lucky to finish her potty break when I heard the faintest of peeps.  With my neck looking up isn't exactly an easy task so I just kept moving around until I could see what was overhead.

EEK!!!  A poor bird was stuck to the trap that was just supposed to claim flys, wasps and insects.

I cried, I freaked, I texted Steve (he was working late and somehow didn't enjoy my incoherent hysteria via text).  He called and through my tears and hysteria I told him about the bird.

He had to get a ladder and take it away.  I'm still having nightmares.  Lucky just isn't sure about going out in the yard.  She actually preferred walking in the heat across the street to use the park and grassy area.

While I'm ranting-I want to know this:  why do theaters put in uncomfortable backbreaking seats when they know the audience has to sit for two or more hours?????  We sure pay enough for the privilege of watching the concert, show or movie-would it kill them to make sure we're somewhat comfortable?????

And that is all.

Actually, Windows 10 is an improvement over Vista. That thing was so horrid, I refused to use it and hung out with my Mac instead. Sorry you're having such problems with it - yikes!
I have had Windows 7 for so long that its "home", I'm sure I'll get used to it-just wonder when?
Changing to a new operating system is always a nightmare. I hate it. Things that used to take a second suddenly take twenty minutes. I'll just be beginning to get the hang of it when I realize that five or six years have passed and I have to upgrade to something else.
I only have to worry about it when one computer is so old that I have no choice but to upgrade. I'm not good at change, I'm awful at technology and putting them together is a sure key towards a meltdown.
That's a bummer about Windows 10. I need to upgrade my computer and was actually waiting for Windows 10 to come out before I did. I have Windows Vista right now which tells you how old my system is.
slowly finding my way around Dave. I had Windows 7-so I still haven't found a way to transfer all my contacts/sent/emails to Windows 10. Plus, now I have to write my blog here b/c as of now, I still can't figure out how to get my paragraphs to work by just doing the usual copy/paste from word!
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