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Saturday, December 26, 2015


Couldn't Stay Away!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed their families in good health!

I know, I know-said I wasn't coming back until next week-but I wanted to put in my two cents worth on two movies that Steve and I just saw.  Both of them are based on true stories and we enjoyed them VERY much,

The first is Spotlight.  The Boston Globe investigative team that broke the story about the Catholic church scandal about the pedophile priests.  You know that I keep my opinions on religion and politics to myself-but this was the type of reporting that had always interested and motivated me to become a journalist.  Acting was superb.

The second film is Concussion.  Again, acting was superb and the story is upsetting.  To hear the statistics about all the players that died due to all their head-on collisions in the game of football was shocking. 

Sitting for two hours in theater seating is the last thing that I would ever want to do twice in a week, but the quality of these two movies made me glad I did.

Now-I really want to see Trumbo, Joy, The Skier and a few others that are "true" stories.

Back to my short respite!

I'm having a wonderful break, thanks for asking. I hadn't heard of the two movies that you mentioned, but they sound interesting and about important topics. I think the next movie I'm destined to see will be about something rather more frivolous. I've promised my family that at some point during the holidays we'll go and watch the new Star Wars movie. I hope it's good.
our older grandsons have seen Star Wars and loved it. We only go out to see a movie at the theater when we have these free passes. too expensive to go otherwise!
We saw the new Star Wars movie today. I enjoyed it, although I'm not confident I fully understood what was going on much of the time. It was nice to see Harrison Ford as Han Solo again, though.
I know that our kids thought given the graphics/special effects and that all the originals came out in our 20's that we would've seen it first.
I saw Star Wars too and liked it. Never heard of Spotlight but did see trailers for Concussion. Our son suffered a mild concussion playing high school football. It is something how coaches and managers tend to brush off injuries like that at any level.
Adam had a few playing soccer. I've had way too many. Have had 2 in the last 3 years
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