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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Happy Valentine's Day

Steve surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses!

That's sweet. Er... I better not my wife see this picture. There were no roses in your household this year, I'm afraid.
Very nice! We celebrated at Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point. Beautiful weekend at the beach... Ah...
Maybe next year? Steve is a pretty romantic guy-he even bought some filet mignon for us to coat in cocoa powder and spices
one of my favorite places Kathy-so miss the beach. Can hardly wait for our cruise! btw-can't leave any comments on your blog!
This was the kickoff celebration for our 20th anniversary - celebrating all year long. And my blog is all about sharing music in the music community now so it doesn't do comments. :)
PS - We were thinking about you and how much you must miss your house there. Anyway, our blog about our travel adventures is open for comments - in fact, I have a link to your blog listed there.
Thanks! Been enjoying your new directions
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