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Friday, April 29, 2016


OMG-So Busy I Forgot Happy Birthdays

Yes-so busy "running" that I forgot to let everyone know about the start of the annual Birthday Season of our family!

For those who are either new to reading my little weekly blog or have better things to do that remember my yearly rants on the summer weather or the exhaustion of birthday season this is a few days late.

It actually starts with our anniversary on April 4th, a bit of a reprieve until our son Adam adds another "notch" to his age belt.  This year our baby turned 32. How did he get that old?

That's nothing though-Sarah, our daughter and eldest, will be 34 this Sunday.  Yes, their birthdays are exactly 1 year and 51 weeks apart.  That's not where it ends however.  My sister-in-law Ila's birthday is the 2nd, our brother-in-law Dave has a birthday on the 6th, Sam and Adam's anniversary is on the 8th, our nephew on the 13th, my dad on the 15th and we round out the activity with my sister-in-law Ila and her husband David (at least names are easy) have their anniversary on the 23rd.  And we can't forget Mother's Day in the lot of all these important days.

Now that we live in the country and far away from any and all California relatives, it's a bit harder to celebrate.  My mom was mentioning that she'd really love a new family portrait.  Impossible.  We realize that the previous one doesn't include the latest 2 great-grandchildren and we have a bit of a shuffle going on, but there's no way all of us here can make it out there and the reversal is also true.

Our niece and nephew have their own lives and aren't always around and most certainly we can't all leave our various work schedules and pile into our cars and all go there!

Even a "fake" group shot would be a stretch to combine.

We did send my family a few portrait shots of Steve and I and added some wallets from our cruise.  That's about the only time Steve and I allow photos to be taken of ourselves.  As we get older we still clean up fairly well-but I just keep wondering where the crow's feet have come from?

Back to the birthday celebration.  We decided (okay, it was me-all me, I decided) that last Sunday would be a good time to have our kids birthday party.  I do it every year.  Usually they pick the menu.  This year I was still trying to get the jet lag and cruise exhaustion leave my system, so I did the entire plan.

I served Ribeye roast/Pork loin roast.  Salad bar and lots of noodle kugel.  Aidan loved doing s'mores a couple of years ago-so as long as we didn't have a "burn" ban (last year we did) that sounded fun.

Everything was going pretty well, but the guys wound up working a bit late (fortunately Sam made a beautiful birthday cake!) and dinner wasn't served until almost 8!  Too late for a 4 hour log in the fire pit.  Bryce was yawning (but now in a high chair, she sat at the table with all of us-yeah!).

We had the older boys spending the night.  Somehow they were having yet another day off from school and Sarah had to get up at 4.  We told them IF they behaved and the weather held we'd do the s'mores the next night after dinner.

All in all, the start of our clans important dates was a success.  We didn't get to the s'mores, but we will!

Our birthday bashes start in May with mine in a few weeks. Then it's my wife and both of our sons' before summers end. I'd just as soon go last.

Nice picture. At our age it's trouble getting up after lying down like that though. My wife tells me too that if you can't get up from a prone position on the floor without using a chair, sofa or something else as a crutch, then your fitness and health is not as good as it should be. Something tells me that's not a problem with you.

It sounds like you had a nice cruise, lot of fun entertainment. Some day we'll do a cruise, I'm sure, but the big cruise story of the week was how some big cruise ship left a father and mother in the Bahamas though their children were on board. I'd hate to get left behind like that.

Hope you're well and all over those winter ailments. Still kinda cool here in Michigan yet.
believe, even though I'm in good shape thanks to my fantastic PT and my personal insistence of listening to my various specialists about the importance of staying physically fit-you have no idea how hard it was to get in that position and smile and then get back up!

As for those people who were left behind-they knew exactly when they had to be back on board, so it's more their fault than they'd like to admit.

Feeling better thank you. had my cervical epi this past week and it has helped both the literal pain in my neck and the lovely headaches that are caused by it.

Last year on this date we had a high of 101 and a low of 70. Today, it's only about 75! Yesterday we had quite the spring storm.
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