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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Getting Breakfast "Cupcakes" Ready

Over the next few weeks our older grandsons will be spending many days here, so I'm getting ready to feed them tasty "cupcakes" for breakfast.  PS-they're mighty tasty and healthy for grandpa and grandma as well:

Cupcakes for breakfast sounds nice. I'm sure they'll love them.
I do so many versions of baked oatmeal and they all are very healthy, tasty and look like muffins/cupcakes. Drizzle a bit of warmed up nut butter on or even melted chocolate and even our youngest grandson eats them up. Even my husband enjoys them.
I love nuts and chocolate, so either of those two options you mentioned sound incredibly delicious.
for me-anything w/ very dark chocolate and peanut butter-the chunkier the better!
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