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Friday, September 02, 2016


Not Much to Say

It's been one of THOSE weeks. 

I have had things to do, from the mundane to the interesting, but at this moment I'm making a choice to sit here with my mint tea (yes, the stomach thing is continuing to be a bit of a bother after I ate that ear of corn and had hot sauce on my eggs) and "enjoy" my toast with some fruit spread.  Even after almost 2 full weeks, it appears I'm still going to be enjoying the BRAT diet for a while more.

Not that I haven't done quite a bit mind you!  I've been to water aerobics, walked with my friends and taken both dogs on strolls (even though I was told not to do that much walking), went shopping with Steve and of course-watched the grandkids!

Monday I watched Bryce while Jackson went to his 3 year old physical.  Then I got the boys and had them in the afternoon.  Tuesday, after walking, I watched both the little ones in the morning and then again in the afternoon while Steve picked up the older kids.  We did the snack and homework thing and that was it for kiddos this week!

But Wednesday Steve and I felt as if we were the "errand" couple and did all kinds of running around.  The result is we finished our check list and have food in the fridge.  We came back in between each jaunt to potty the pups. 

So far, Pepper's still in hiding.  He did come out long enough the other morning to give Sunshine her very first "love bite" and ran off.  He also came on the bed one night to see exactly what this new addition to our household is all about.

The hardest day this week?  Sigh.  Tuesday around 3 a.m. poor Lucky started throwing up on our bed.  Ew.  Sunshine didn't know what this was about but kept patting her with one paw and kissing her head.  I don't know how, but I still got up at 5:40 to take my walk.  Ugh.

After trying to walk 2 pups with two leashes, I looked on Groupon and purchased a "Dual dog leash that promotes walking without entanglement".  If it works the way it should, it will be the best purchase EVER!

Oh, I've also been to the dentist and the dermatologist this week. 

I may not have much to say this week-but the reason is clear:  I've been very busy.

I'm tired just reading your log of activity. A friend recently inquired about my energy level and I said I was happy where I was but that it's relative too. I don't think I'd have the energy to keep up with your agenda there. Watching our grandboys just one day is exhausting enough.
There are days where I literally fall asleep by 8 Dave. Especially with that awful stomach virus that did NOT want to leave my body. Another wonderful side effect of autoimmune disorders...
I hope the double leash works out. I think my mother could probably have used one of those when my brother and I were very small!
Bun, Tried it this morning with great success! I loved it. First time out too. No tangles, enough length that when Lucky needed to rest for a bit in the stroller, Sunshine had enough left to keep walking. Looking forward to using it. Even told Adam and Sam about it. Best $13 dollars spent on our pups yet.
That's great! I was just reading about your first walk with it in your most recent post.
just received Sam and Adam's leash yesterday-hope they enjoy it too.
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