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Monday, November 07, 2016


Just Another Day of Water Aerobics

Here it is November in Anthem Arizona still taking water aerobics with the most wonderful instructor and classmates ever!

It looks like everyone really enjoys it! Healthy and fun is a good combination.
It really is-we just hope our weather holds out and we won't take a break until Dec 17th when the ctr. closes down to fix anything that needs refurbishment! I even plan my interviews and dr. appts. around the class!
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Fun! Unfortunately, we don't have those community amenities here in Vegas like we did in Florida. I spend most of my time in my office dying to get out. :)
Interesting. We'll with a bit of luck, you'll have another month or aerobics to go!
Too bad Kathy-it really has been fun! don't want to take that imposed break at all.

Bun, we have 2 weeks left and then the pool will close for maintenance for a couple of weeks. After the new year, our teacher will re-evaluate the time it starts in the mornings (could be noon b/c 9 a.m. will be way too cold!). I'll be there no matter what the time. In the meantime, some of us are checking out the "chair yoga" which starts at our library in a couple of weeks!
Sounds good! We never intended to be here this long - will definitely put it on our list of "must have" amenities for the new house.
good to make a list!
Actually, we had a list. Single story, too. Not many single stories or pool communities in Vegas. So I do the best I can with the hot tub. My blogger account seems to be all messed up. I noticed it's using "screamie birds" - lol!
I don't honestly know what I would've done if there hadn't been a single story! our class was rained out both last Monday and today. Just hoping that the last one scheduled for next week actually happens!
I'm back - lol! We just got back from our trip to Florida and as much fun as it was, there's no place like home. Seeing our old house again, I'm reminded of how much I've gotten used to having our bedrooms upstairs as a retreat. Good exercise, too. So if I want to do water aerobics, I can always rejoin the LVAC - used to go there before. Hope you get to have next week's class.
me too! We're supposed to have a party on Weds to say "happy holidays", but not sure if I'm going to get there! But if it's another "clear" day of 48-chances are I'll take a pass on getting into the pool! brrrr.
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