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Saturday, May 05, 2018


Happy May! Poor Lucky

Here in the land of Sun, we are into birthday and anniversary month.  As mentioned last week, Adam turned 34 and Sarah turned 36.  Tuesday has Adam and Sam celebrating their 8th anniversary!

It's amazing how time is flying by with such little effort.

Of course last night was not part of that.  Nope.

About 6 o'clock, Lucky was on top of her favorite couch pillow which was on Dyl's lap.  The phone rang and both dogs ran to the back door in anticipation of it being Steve (okay, I know that Chihuahua's aren't the smartest breed, but they're very sweet).

The problem is that Lucky shouldn't be jumping off of anything higher than a curb.  This was about 20".  As she landed she must have twisted her back foot because out came howling that was worse than when her back goes out.  Poor little baby.

Immediately she wanted nothing more than for me to hold her while she continued to scream in pain and cry (tears and everything).  Fortunately I have an arsenal of doggy meds for times like these and with Aidan's help, we quickly plied her with an NSAID, a muscle relaxer and a painkiller.

An hour later she finally began to ease up on the tenseness in her little body and went to sleep for a while.  Sunshine was so worried!  Such a sweetie.  She spent the time lying right next to her, kissing her head and howling at the boys and Pepper not to go near her.

Because both 4-legged siblings were so worried, instead of sleeping next to each other on the sides of my body, they all 3 were in a ball in the middle of the bed.  I could hear Lucky moaning, Sunshine whimpering and Pepper sighing most of the night.

By morning Lucky wasn't exactly back to herself-she was walking more like her mother's gumby morning gait, but she did seem a bit better.  Limping, but had some weight on the foot and got herself out to the yard and back without screaming.

Then I laced her breakfast.  Good thing too-about a half hour later she wanted to play with her favorite stuffed toy and that started the spasms up in full force.

Called the vet, told me what to check for and we decided she probably sprained her foot and I just have to keep her medicated and as low-key as possible.  If it's not better by Monday, she'll be an early morning drop off before I go to water aerobics.

Right now she's sound asleep on some blankets that need to be washed in the laundry room, Sunshine and Pepper close by doing what they do best, being the best siblings in the world.

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